Scott Brown

Scott Brown


Expat Australian, University teacher, long term resident of Asia and Japan. Ex-surfer, present competitive masters’ marathoner. Currently living in Osaka with my wife and our two sons. I have an ongoing interest in writing, teaching/learning.

As for my running, in August 2019, I turned 55 years old. I ran cross country in junior high school and basically didn’t run again until my early 40s. My Great grandfather was a rather renowned foot-racer in his day (100 Yard Dash) and my father was a mile specialist who, he often recounted, qualified for the 1952 Melbourne Olympics but didn't run because his mother and the authorities deemed him "too young".

Still, I don’t think too much of this running pedigree filtered down to me, actually think I’m more like my mother, smart and persistent, and that these are qualities of more value than "natural talent".

As far as I’m concerned, we were indeed, “Born to Run” and just how far or fast, is completely up to us. If you are interested in making the most of your running potential I hope you can join me in going further and faster than you ever thought possible.


Scott Brown. Samurai Running Japan

Kawachinagano Marathon

Kawachinagano Marathon

Personal Records (All came after 45 years old)

  • 5K – 16:41

  • 10K – 35:35

  • Half Marathon – 1:18:03

  • Marathon – 2:45:11