Wakaura Marathon with Jazz

Wakaura Marathon with Jazz

Samurai Running Japan can recommend different races/locations where you can run official races throughout the year. Be it a 5K, 10K, half Marathon or Full Marathon. We do not deal in the big city mass participation races as we want you to experience the “real” Japan. The races we’ll recommend will be races that are held in local areas, that can only be applied for in Japan, and offer you a unique experience only open to those who live here. 

Once you’ve decided on a time and general location for your trip to Japan, we will find a race, we will apply for entry on your behalf, find a hotel near the start (if you’d like) and give you help in getting there; all for a nominal fee.

We do ask that you give us at least 3 months notice before coming to Japan as races here, unlike in other countries, open early and fill up fast!


Below are some photos taken by me of the things I've seen while running in Japan


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